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That was interesting…

(( Part two here. This have been a more difficult post compared to all the ones I’ve done before with Discord’s pretty different unique design and that it became a two parter with all questions. I am happy how it turned out in the end and glad it’s finally done after so long. ))


(( Finally I got this long post done after so long. This was the very first time I ever drew Discord. Have to say he is pretty complicated design and is one of the reasons why this post have taken time for me to draw.
Part two will come up tomorrow!  ))

I would like to be something that could be helpful with my animal friends. A sheep maybe so I can lend my little critters soft wool to rest on and keeping them warm.

(( Oh my, still working on that two post long answer mean having real life work. It’s taking time and slightly rushed here with this post (Needed to watch Nintendo direct aswell). I am getting more close done with the long one, just need to find the right amount of chaos.. Thanks for the patience dear followers ))

I love kitties!

(( Fun fact me and my boyfriend recently started to play Super Mario 3D World together. ))

Mod gets more busy

(( Hi, just wanted to inform that I will start internship work next week. It will give me less drawing time and maybe more slow updates on this blog.

Recently I haven’t updated as much because I have been/is busy working on a longer two part post for this blog. Something many have asked about..
I will not leave this blog and update when I have some time to draw. Thank you again for following and the patience. ))

I love them all…

..I am not sure what to say. I like.. French fries…

..I am not sure what to say. I like.. French fries…

Asks closed

(( Hello, there’s a lot of questions now for Fluttershy and going to close the asks a while so I can answer the ones in the inbox.

I will open the asks later again. Thank you everyone following this blog and ask Fluttershy things. ))